Sunday, December 17, 2017

find what inspires you

You don't actively have to look for what inspires you, it can find you when you least expect it. We are all humans beings so of course we are not always going to feel inspired all of the time. But that does not mean we can't find what can help us feel inspired.

We all have something that we are striving to become, striving to do but we can lose motivation and drive from time to time. That is why it is important to hold on and keep what inspires us in a safe place so that we can gain that reminder when needed.

Some people keep a picture in their wallet so that they get reminded every time they open up their wallets. Some people carry around a letter with them so that they can't forget what they're fighting for. Others may have a show or a book that they watch when they need to get the juices going.

Long story short, we're human and we are not always going to feel motivated to do what we want or have to do; it's common and happens to the best of us. Especially as we get older; our bodies will continue to change and we can only control so much of how our bodies respond to certain situations.

That does not mean that there aren't just as many, if not more, things that we can do to help our bodies and minds to keep us on the right path, on the path we want to be on.

I'll use myself as an example real quick. I haven't been getting any ideas for posts and I recently wrote more chapters for my fanfiction stories on my wattpad account but they need to be edited before I can publish them. But I haven't really been in the mood and I've been waiting for my writing juices to ignite but they haven't been so I was just being patient. But then, I bumped into this anime that has revolves around people who write their hearts on paper. It's suppose to be a slice of life anime with some drama and comedy. I've seen a few episodes and I think it's great so far. It ended up giving me the inspiration I needed.

These characters are younger than me and they're living my dream like it's nothing. It related back to one of the lines in said anime which is that everything you want, someone already has and as usual, they're not grateful about having it. That line stuck out to me because it's true. I honestly have a hard time appreciating all that I have because even though it may not feel like a lot sometimes, I know it's way more than some and there will always be someone somewhere who may want what I have. I may not think of it that often but it's true. Not everyone has a coat but wants or may need one. Not everyone has a computer but there are usually people who want or needs one. We have to learn how to appreciate where we are right now in our lives because it can always be worse and to keep striving.

There are too many people who are currently struggling and seriously don't have much. If you are a person who can give some time back to those in need, please do so. I know those in need will appreciate the time you spend on them with all their hearts.

Find your drive, find what or who motivates you to get out of bed, to keep moving forward and keep it somewhere safe so that you can access it anytime you need those creative wheels to start turning again.

I wanted to keep this one pretty brief since it all just came to me and this was all I had to say about the matter. I guess this can be a short but sweet post.

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Take everything I say with a grain of salt because you know yourself best. You do.

Smile. Try to do one good deed each day and until next time, Take Care <3

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Some can't spread holiday cheer

I wanted to bring up this topic again and give it the attention it deserves. I haven't been searching around yet to see how many are really talking about this. I can speak for myself that ever since finding a mentor and having such deep conversations did I learn about this one. I never thought of people having a hard time around the holidays because of the time of year. Everyone is cheery, donating, volunteering and helping others so much that it never came to mind for me the other struggles around us other than some unfortunately being homeless or not having enough food or a coat to keep them warm outside.

There are people who are trying to manage with a recent lost which I can only imagine how that feels. I went to a banquet not long ago with my parents for their union. Everyone was giving their speeches about the union and how they will continue the fight for everyone to have some form of healthcare and to be treated with nothing less than respect. When it was the president's turn to speak, I can't remember what I was expecting at the time because what I got was completely human.

When I say completely human, the president of the union was completely transparent and honest with himself and what he is currently experiencing in his life. The man was in tears because he started speaking about his wife. He talked about how she passed away in September and now we are in December. He has not had his wife for about 3 months when they would have been together for 43 years. 43 years. I need everyone to sit with that number for a whole moment because that only made me think of my parents who have been together for about the same amount of years.

He spoke about celebrating Thanksgiving and having to learn a lesson that he never thought he would have to learn nor did he want to learn. He learned that he is heartbroken. 

He said more but hearing this got to me and I couldn't fathom his emotions. He's hurting so much and there's only so much, as humans, that we can give to this somber man. That man is now living without his wife whom he had been for 43 years and now he has to learn how to live without her because he's still on his life mission. He has to continue that mission without her and I was tearing up with this man; a man that I have never met and I do not know personally. There were times when he was choking up on stage because of course, he is thinking of no one much other than his wife. He spoke about how when she was in the hospital, everything went fine before she passed away. All the doctors and nurses were nice and thoughtful. They were all so help to him and his wife and she was treated with all the respect and dignity she deserved. He wanted to point that out because that was a reality for them because of their fight to make sure everyone has healthcare.

This man is suffering right now and there are millions like him. There are people suffering, there are people crying as you are reading this, there are people who have no one in their lives, no family, no friends, people currently living with depression, with anxiety, with some type of mood or personality disorder that may or may not kill them in the future and the list will go on forever.

Just because it is a time to be cheery and loving, does not mean everyone can do it. It is so important to try to be kinder to others because we really do not know what is going on in everyone's live. We can't tell just by looking at them when we just so happened to catch them on their good day. We have to listen to each other, be understanding, sympathetic and empathetic.

I want to stress these things because it should not just be around this time of year, it should be all year round. We need to find ways to be kinder as often as we can to others. Try to help others all year round. Listen to people who just need to talk for a moment all year round. Be sympathetic and empathetic to those who need it all year old. This is not the only time of year people need help in some way; these sorts of terrible experiences happens all year round.

I know we're not perfect but just trying can be enough for someone in their time of need.

Okay. I am going to end things here. I told myself I didn't want this to be too long and it looks too long. Even though I'm typing this on my computer. I needed to come back to this topic because as I mentioned, I've known for a long time now that this is a hard time for some and I try my best to be available to those in need and do whatever I can do. But listening to the President of the union be vulnerable and so open with everyone about what he is going through made me have to write about this more and give it the spotlight this topic deserves. I want to let those know, who are having a rough time, to reach out to someone. Even if it's here! Reach out to me and I'll talk to you. Sometimes people just need to talk. I just want those who are reading and having a tough time to know that you are not alone. There will be always someone somewhere willing to help. I know how difficult it can be to open up a bit but you have to say something in order for someone to know that you are hurting and we'll steer the wheel from there. Everyone, be safe out there.

I also wanted to take the time out to thank those who have been reading my posts around the time I started up until now and to those who are new and reading my stuff. I still have no idea exactly what I am doing. A lot of the times I am basically writing for myself since I'm not sure whose reading. Last week though, the amount of views I usually got shot up and I have been getting more! I needed to take the time out to thanks those who go out of their way to read my posts and support. I'm just so very grateful. Sure I don't have hundreds or thousands but I'm grateful nonetheless because every little bit counts. I feel that much closer to achieving my dreams and goals. Thank you so much! <3

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Take everything I say with a grain of salt because you know yourself best. You do.

Smile. Try to do one good deed each day and until next time, Take Care <3

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Respecting our journeys

"I wasn't sure what exactly to talk about but I know I wanted it to be on a happier note. I have been talking a lot about mental health since I have been struggling with it. I noticed that one of the reasons why I have been struggling with my mental health is because I've been too hard on myself and not respecting my journey."

I decided to keep the top part because that was me when I was not feeling mentally alright. I want to stress for those who were in my shoes or who are currently in those shoes that it is okay to not be okay sometimes because a lot of us live in a society where they are beyond stressful. Our bodies are not built to endure such great amounts of stress for any extended period of time. So of course something bad is bound to happen when we continue to exert ourselves and not give ourselves enough breaks. You can commit to your work and be a great worker which is amazing because there are so many people who are not a great worker which is factual. But that does not mean that you cannot give yourself breaks. You need breaks for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Our health is of the utmost importance. We need to make sure that our health is our number one priority.

If we do not put our health first, we won't be much of anything. The reason why we are able to do what we are able to do for a long time is because we are healthy. If we weren't healthy, we wouldn't be able to do much of anything.

This is the time of year where people may be working more which is okay; just make sure to have a break somewhere. It is okay to not work at all but make sure you are doing something to keep yourself active even if it's just walking around the block. There are different ways to give yourself a break.

I titled this post 'respecting our journeys' because it is very important to respect our own individual paths. We live in a technology ran world where anything is accessible including everyone else's lives. We can continuously see what other people are doing and of course, they put a majority of the good things they are experiencing because they want people to enjoy those good times with them. When it comes to some people anyway in my opinion. Unfortunately, not everyone is taught to be happy for people. When some people continue to see others having a good time and if they are not doing the same, they have an opposite effect. They feel they are missing out. They feel that they should be able to do the same things in their lives but probably can't for whatever the reason may be. Which can lead to many negatives feelings and outcomes.

That is the moment when you are disrespecting your journey and yourself. It is okay to feel envious or jealous of others since it's a humane emotion but it doesn't mean that it's a good humane feeling. It's not good because why be jealous and envious? You have your things too; other people literally just have different stuff and live situations. Yes, everyone wants to have pretty things, have a lot of money and go on awesome looking adventures but as I said, people on the internet put a majority of the good stuff that they are experiencing; it does not mean that the entire experience was wonderful. It does not mean that all of their experiences are amazing; they are human too and are going to go through trials and tribulations just like you and me.

I put the good stuff because I want people to feel happy or joyous when they read my posts. But I also don't mind putting some of the rough situations I experience because I don't want people to feel as alone as I'd feel sometimes. I always hope and wish that my posts reach those who need them most. I always hope that people read my posts and don't feel so alone anymore because they are not. There are others who feel the same way.

That is why I want to stress to respect our journeys. If we didn't reach our ideal weight yet, that is more than okay. Be mindful of all the time you have to get to your ideal body type. You didn't get into the school you wanted to? That only sucks now because it is a does suck not to get into the school you wanted to but you probably will later or get into a better school. Yes, you could get into a worse school but it doesn't matter because what you make of your experience is what really matters. You don't have to go to the best school to get the best job. How you present yourself and showing what you are capable of will go much farther than what school you went to. Whatever your situation is that you don't like, it is temporary, it really is. Nothing, that I can think of, lasts forever so lets try to make the most of what we have and try to do our best with them. I know we can do it. It does feel hard because it is a tough situation. We are going to have time when we feel very low because that is part of the journey.

When we are feeling very low, that is the moment when we can learn the most about ourselves. We can take those lessons and apply them when we are feeling much better and are doing the best can do.

I will end things here. It felt good to get some things off my chest. I hope some of you feel better getting some things off your chest too.

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Take everything I say with a grain of salt because you know yourself best. You do.

Smile. Try to do one good deed each day and until next time, Take Care <3

Holidays are Hard for some

This is a fact that some may know and others may not know but when it comes to the holiday season, it is vastly difficult for a lot of people.

This could be the time for a group of people when they are remembering someone they lost around this time of year because someone or another group of people decided to be careless which is known to happen around this time of year a lot.

Yes, there is a bunch of people who are careless all year round but when it comes to this time of year, for some, it skyrockets which puts even more lives in danger. Unfortunately, due to other's carelessness, others have to suffer and deal with some loses which is hard around a time when it is known to be a cheery time of year.

Some people do not get a chance to be around their family for whatever the reason may be. It is known that traveling around this time is very stressful because millions are traveling at once. So it becomes that much harder to get from place to place to see your family and friends.

Some people just don't have anyone to share this time of year with which is very hard to imagine for some but that is the reality for millions of people.

That's why I wanted to make the time out to make this post just to remind others to do your best and to be a human being and just spread some cheer around; be kind and mindful to others. Don't go around making it your mission to give someone a hard time just because you may or may not be having a good time for a moment. There are millions of people who are having a very difficult time and they do not need you to make it worse for them when their situation is worse than yours. Which is definitely a possible so don't entertain the thought of whose got it worse.

Everyone should do their very best to be as kind as they can and not just this time of year but all year round because there are millions of people whose life situations may not be getting better just yet or might not get better for quite some time. Don't be a jerk to strangers because they're a stranger. Even if the person may have given you a hard time, try being the bigger person and walk away from an unnecessary situation. Most of us are not children anymore; prison is always an option.

I may make another post about the holidays since I love this time of year but since I'm tired from work, I may not be as active as I usually am. Plus, considering my life situation, it's better just to watch and enjoy the festivities from afar when it comes to family; I can do much more active activities with my close and best friends.

This seems like a nice place to stop. Recap. Don't be a jerk on purpose to people because this is the time of year, and throughout the year, where a lot of people are having a hard time. Many people may have lost someone close, many people have mental illnesses they are dealing with or learning how to live with those illnesses, this is also the time of year where many people lose a lot. So please try to be kind and mindful of others and do a kind deed. Also, if you clearly see someone doing something wrong to another person, don't be too afraid to stand up for that person; not everyone knows how to defend themselves. It is okay to be the hero sometimes so long as you have a very good idea of what you're getting yourself into because some people can be very dangerous. Please be careful out there.

Please, please, please, be careful everyone.

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Take everything I say with a grain of salt because you know yourself best. You do.

Smile. Try to do one good deed each day and until next time, Take Care <3

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Everyone Doesn't have Good Parents

I wanted to make this post for those who don't have good parents and have to continuously explain to people that they do not go to their parents for typical parent situations.

Before anyone starts questioning, I don't think my parents are that bad compared to other's but their short comings can have a lasting hit. A lot of people refuse to acknowledge that emotional hits can last but they can be remembered for a long time for some.

There have been times when I wished my mother would have actually defended me or there have been times when I wished my dad was more careful with his words. But at the end of the day, they are people who are going to make mistakes. When the kids become adults, we are constantly told not to take certain things personally and that includes what our parents end up telling us no matter how much it may hurt. I personally still don't know how to tell my parents they hurt my feelings. It sounds and feels weird to me because hearing sorry from them doesn't make the pain they caused any less.

I also know that my parents are not that bad compared to parents who are negligence, physically hurting their children, selling their children for sex and drugs, abandoning them before their lives have started, and the list goes on. I am more than grateful for my parents; they wanted better lives for themselves in result made sure their children could have a fighting chance in this world. My parents have been parents almost their whole lives and that is not an easy decision to make.

There are so many children, so many adults who still hurt until this day from what their parents said and did to them and we can't always tell who those hurting people are or what they may look like. Some were able to get passed all of those hardships, forgive their parents enough to move on and not to let that sort of energy consume or prevent them from living their lives.

Others, on the other hand, are still struggling from the hardships they have experienced with their parents to the point where they do not know how to move on; some do not know how to forgive. Some might not want to forgive their parents because they believe their parents do not deserve forgiveness.

It is a touchy subject for some and it's understandable. Some kids kill for the day for their parent(s) to tell them they're proud of them or to hear their parents tell them excellent job meanwhile other kids don't have to work as hard to hear, "excellent job, I'm so proud of you, you worked very hard and you deserve a break." Some kids would kill to hear that sentence. Some kids would kill to just have loving and involved parents.

The up side is that once we do become adults, we are in charge of who we are and who we want to become; we don't have our parents holding us back anymore. It can be scary as hell as first but the more we think about how scary the world can be or is, the less steps we are going to take forward. We can think about how scary things can be for a little bit and prepare for certain outcomes since we can never really be prepared for anything and everything; we can only do the best that we can. 

So on that note, I am going to end things here. I know we can do it. It will be a hard and strenuous  road ahead but it's our road and we can do whatever the hell we want with it. We just have to keep doing what we are doing and something will budge somewhere down the line.

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Take everything I say with a grain of salt because you know yourself best. You do.

Smile. Try to do one good deed each day and until next time, Take Care <3

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Give Yourself a Break

It is very important for us to give ourselves a break or else we will burn-out and be of use to no one including ourselves.

We need to make it a habit to give ourselves a break whether that is asking for a personal day, making sure do partake in our hobbies on a daily or every other day basis or just doing the things you love to do and just only doing that for a period of time.

We all work hard and that is great. The issue is, we work too hard for too long. I've seen plenty of people who are burnt out or are going to be burnt out very soon and that isn't good at all for anybody. We always want to feel full of energy and be lively which is great. But that does not mean that we always have to be that way. We can schedule days for ourselves where we are just relaxing or spending time with the people we love.

Yes, we do have our days off but sometimes two days just isn't enough. And that's to say if you even have two days off. I know some people who either have one day off or have no days off which is terrible. 

Everyone needs a breaks from time to time.

I wanted to take the time to write about this because I have not been giving myself enough time to have a break. I used to have my two days off every week when I was in college and it was exactly what I needed. But then I started socializing more and it really took it's toll on me over time. I found myself tired almost all the time at a point. That was when I knew I had to socialize accordingly or else I wouldn't be able to do much of anything because I wouldn't have enough energy for it. I also work a lot more now and this is where I have been learning a lot more again about giving myself the days I need to recuperate.

As I said, we need to take care of ourselves in the best of ways because not a lot of people can. Yes, our loved ones do take care of us and make sure we are grooming ourselves properly, eating, and drinking enough water.

But when it comes to knowing our own limits, our loved ones are not always going to notice that. It is important to learn about ourselves more, figure out our limits, and know when to give ourselves a day off or more than a day if needed. Also! It's very important not to feel guilty about it either. I knew it took me some time to not feel bad about not going to work. I know I work very hard and I'm sure many of you do too if you end up feeling bad about not being at work. Give yourselves the time off you deserve!

Take your days off, rejuvenate yourselves, and get ready for the week ahead, it's gonna be filled with a lot of great stuff to do.

I'm going to end things here. I didn't want this post to be too long today because I've noticed that some of my posts turn out to be much longer than anticipated so I'll do my best to hand out some shorter ones once in a while.

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Take everything I say with a grain of salt because you know yourself best. You do.

Smile. Try to do one good deed each day and until next time, Take Care <3

Sunday, October 29, 2017

'Black-ish' episode : Mother Nature

I watched one of the new episodes of 'Black-ish" not long ago. It was the episode 'mother nature' where Rainbow 'Bo', is experiencing postpartum depression and I am in tears for probably half of the episode. I was looking straight into a mirror. I could relate to her character on such a deep level and I knew I had to write about it. I have not had a child so I have not experienced postpartum depression specifically but I have experienced depression due to high levels of stress and that shit sucked.

You want to be healthy so bad but you know mentally you are not.

I am desperate for mental health issues to become more normalized in the sense that people in our society becomes more aware to the point that anyone would recommend a trip to a doctor's office like they do a broken foot or the common cold. I know that things would become so much easier for millions of Americans alone if mental health issues were given the attention it so rightfully deserves.

Bo kept saying she was fine anytime her husband, Dre asked if she was okay when clearly she was not okay. Her depression was known throughout their home and her children were worried. Her husband was worried and they did not know what to do to help their mother who was clearly not alright. My depression was barely known. I probably only told 3-4 people about my depression. Now more people know because I have more strength and energy to talk about it and advocate for others whenever the opportunity presents itself. I'm not even sure if my parents noticed.

But I kept thinking that this actress did her homework and for that, I am so grateful to her. We do not talk about the mothers who just gave birth enough. How is she feeling? What is she doing? How is her mental health? Besides the fact we are not talking about depression and mental health enough, imagine a mother who just gave birth and is expected to be the happiest mother in the world because she just gave birth to her child but she isn't. Birth is so strenuous on the body no matter how much we advance in medicine; pregnancy is another human being renting out your body for 9 months.

Kids don't always take something from their mom on their way out but for some moms, things are taken. They should not be shamed for it, they should gain treatment when they do not feel like themselves anymore after giving birth.

I found the episode to be deeply inspiration and I hope this is a topic that gets talked about more.

All the women who decided to get pregnant to have their children are special people. It is not easy to be pregnant for a portion of women and for them to do it anyway shows more credit than society gives; we should change that.

There is a lot of situations and reactions that need to change when it comes to mental health and hopefully circumstances will only improve and not go backwards. 

short announcement: I also wanted to take this time to share with those who read my blog posts, that I am changing the name of my post from 'Suggestion Box', to 'Substance for the Subconscious'. I am very happy to be doing this because I feel like this is a name that is mine and that rolls of the tongue a bit. I know a lot of people might not like the ring of it but I do. It is a scary step but I can always change it again but for now, I wanna try out 'Substance for the Subconscious' to see how that goes.

Thank you to those who do read my blog and I hope you have been enjoying the ride. I hope to only get better and to continue to give you food for your thoughts.

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Take everything I say with a grain of salt because you know yourself best. You do.

Smile. Try to do one good deed each day and until next time, Take Care <3